How can I improve my home automation system?

(Part One)

Update smart home system programming for new functionality

So you’ve had your home automation system installed for a while now, you’ve got used to how it works and what it can do to make your life easier. What else can you do to improve your smart home’s capabilities even further? Here’s the first of a two-part summary on some things to consider.

Review smart home system programming

When your system was first installed, specifically if the design and installation was undertaken by Modal AV, your installer would have gone through with you on a room-by-room basis to establish how you would like lighting scenes to be configured, preferred audio settings, what times of day the blinds should open and close and so on.

Once you’ve lived with your system for a while, you’ve probably realised there’s a few things you’d like your home to do differently? Or maybe your lifestyle has changed since it was first installed, such as now working at home more than you used to?

Why not ask Modal AV to do a review of your system programming with you so that it is an even better fit to your family’s current lifestyle?

Reviewing Control4 smart home thermostat programming
Install more devices and integrate them for your system to control

Integrate more devices

The number of smart devices available is always increasing and whilst many of them are sold as ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) devices, they can often be integrated into your main home control system. So whether it’s automated radiator valves to reduce heating costs, or notifications from your dishwasher or washing machine; speak to Modal AV about what else can be integrated into your existing control system and the new options for automation this brings.

Improve Wi-Fi and network speed and coverage

The demands we are placing on our internet connection are ever increasing. We’re streaming 4K Ultra HD (UHD) TV and movies, often watching different programmes simultaneously on multiple screens around the home—many of them mobile such as smartphones, iPads and other tablets/laptops. CCTV camera resolution has increased and you may have had more cameras installed.

All this data has to be moved around your home’s network; so its capacity (known as bandwidth) needs to keep up. As more of that data is consumed on mobile devices that we watch all around the home and gardens, the Wi-Fi network needs to be fast enough but also allow you to seamlessly roam around your property without loss of signal.

Modal AV can upgrade your network to the very latest standards including 10-Gigabit wired network switches and the newest Wi-Fi 6E standard.

Improve Wi-Fi coverage around the whole property including gardens
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Contact Modal AV for a review of your current home automation system and discuss our cost-effective suggestions for making it even smarter.

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