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At Modal AV, we bring the joy of music and entertainment to every corner of your home with our tailored multi-room audio and video solutions. Whether you have a cosy living room or a sprawling commercial space, our systems are designed to perfectly fit your needs.

With our integrated home automation system, you'll experience a seamless and robust multi-room music solution. Stream your favourite playlists directly to your home from popular music platforms or indulge in the nostalgic charm of vinyl records and CDs distributed throughout your entire property.

Our commitment to aesthetics means that our multi-room audio solutions blend harmoniously with your home design. We offer discreet installation options, such as hidden ceiling speakers or speakers seamlessly integrated within plastered walls. Enjoy exceptional sound quality and coverage without compromising the clean and clutter-free ambience of your space.

For discerning Hi-Fi enthusiasts, Modal AV specialises in designing bespoke listening rooms that deliver an immersive and unparalleled audio experience.

Experience the freedom to enjoy music and video throughout your home, precisely tailored to your preferences. Get in touch today to explore our comprehensive range of multi-room audio and video solutions and let us transform your space into a harmonious sanctuary of sound and entertainment.

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