Lighting & Shading

We believe that smart lighting control is the ultimate way to manage the lighting inside your home. So it’s time to say goodbye to large panels of switches and hello to a more efficient and elegant way of lighting your home.

Smart lighting control allows multiple light circuits to be programmed and controlled simply and intelligently. Create custom commands that enable you to turn on/off various lights with a single tap or define and save your favourite scenes in each room depending on how you like them.

Smart home automation allows you to control your blinds remotely and synchronise their movement with other functions in the home. For example, in a cinema room, simply touch a button, and the lights could dim, the blinds lower, and the screen and speakers come to life.

Set the scene, bring guests into your home and create a perfect relaxing mood from a single button press. Then, let the blinds take care of the sun, automatically moving through the day.

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