Do I need a maintenance support plan for my smart home system?

(part two)

In part one we looked at reviewing your smart home system programming, integrating more devices into your control system and improving Wi-Fi performance. What else could you consider?

Upgrade the speakers and audio control

Audio streaming has improved considerably over the last few years. Most of the main streaming services such as Apple Music, Tidal and Spotify now offer not just lossless music options but also high-resolution (ie better than CD quality). It’s possible that when your audio system and in-room speakers were originally installed they were specified to be suitable for the compressed streaming music that was prevalent at the time.

Could you make a leap forward in audio quality throughout your home by upgrading your speakers, amplifiers and source equipment? It’s not as daunting as it might sound, as in almost every case the cabling infrastructure remains the same so there’s no need to open up walls or pull new cables.

Why not ask Modal AV to do a review of each room’s audio capabilities and see how you can benefit from high-resolution streaming?

Upgrade multi-room audio speakers to 24-bit 192 kHz high resolution capable versions
Add geofencing to your smart home

Add geofencing to your access control

Geofencing uses the GPS location of your and your family’s smartphones to identify whether or not you are at home, and if not how close you are. Gates and door locks can be programmed to automatically open or unlock as you approach them (in you car or on foot) and ensure the house is securely locked and alarmed if you are the last to leave the home.

It can event notify your heating system when you are approximately 20 minutes from home to ensure each room in the house is at your perfect temperature when you arrive—minimising energy wastage when there’s nobody home.

Contact Modal AV to discuss how your smart home can benefit from knowing where you are

Make more of your lighting keypads

If you have an intelligent lighting control system as part of your smart home installation (such as Lutron, Control4 or Rako) then it’s likely in most rooms you will have at least one wall-mounted lighting keypad. Did you know that the keypad can be used to control more than just lighting circuits?

If your lighting is integrated into your smart home system then we can programme those keypad buttons to control any of your integrated devices. So for AV you could have volume up and down buttons, or a button to flip between favourite music sources.

A ‘Goodnight’ button can do more than just turn off all the lights, it can also turn off all the TVs and audio systems, arm the intruder alarm, close blinds and shutters—all throughout the whole house from one single button press.

Take a few minutes to discuss with Modal AV how we can make your smart home do more at the touch of a button.

Control4 keypad with music genre selection
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