Traditional vs modern lighting

We all know that things change in the world, this is how we all grow and learn new things, but of course, there are still plenty of us who love things a little more traditional. Especially in our home.

Whilst there are lots of things that work really well in a traditional style; we think that one thing that could always benefit from an upgrade is the lighting in your home.

Lighting has changed so much over the years, which means that it is definitely time to start thinking about updating your home. This is especially true when it comes to LED lighting, but why should you consider LED lighting in your home?

LED lighting
LED solutions are cost effective than conventional lighting

It is cost-effective

Whilst you have to pay out to purchase the initial LED lights for your home, one great benefit that you have to keep in mind is that over time, LED lighting will actually save you money. This is because it is designed to be as energy-efficient as possible, using minimal resources in order to deliver maximum light in any corner of your home.

There are plenty of choices

Another great thing about LED lighting is that it provides you with a wealth of choices when it comes to colour, style and design. Every single room in your home can have a different theme and you can also choose the right lights for you depending on your own personal taste and of course, your budget too.

Different types of light fittings supplied by Modal AV
Create the right atmosphere with LED lighting controlled by lighting equipment

You can set your own atmosphere

With LED lighting you can make sure that the space that you have installed it in, looks just how you want it to. You can set the right atmosphere and ambience and, in many cases, if you do need to change things up, then this can be done with ease, usually at the touch of a button.

Hanging moon light build constructed from high quality copper

It will highlight key features in your home

One thing that is important to note about LED lighting is that it is a great way to ensure that the best bits of your home can be seen. This is all thanks to the CRI or Colour Rendering Index that LED lights relate to. The higher the CRI in the LED light that you choose, then the better they will illuminate your space and everything in it.

It can be hard to know where to start with LED lighting, especially if you want to ensure that your home is well-lit, functional and still packed with personality. Thankfully, we are here to help. We have a wide range of experience and knowledge and we can help you by supplying and fitting high-CRI LED lights that are designed to enhance every corner of your home.

We will work with you from start to finish and we will help to make sure that you are not only happy with the design but also with how the light looks to you in the end too. So, get in touch with us now and learn more about how we can help transform your home.

Creativity ideas with LED lighting by Modal AV
Display lighting with high CRI

Technical Info

CRI – Color Rendering Index (CRI) is the measurement of how colours look under a light source when compared with sunlight. The index is measured from 0-100, with a perfect 100 indicating that colours under the light source appear the same as they would under natural sunlight.

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CCT – Correlated Color Temperature defines the colour appearance of a white LED. CCT is defined in degrees Kelvin; a warm light is around 2700K, moving to neutral white at around 4000K, and to cool white, at 5000K or more. Note that CCT does not tell you anything about the colour-rendering ability of the LED.

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