Do I need a maintenance support plan for my smart home system?

Regular software and firmware update keeps your smart home control system reliable and functional

Modern home automation control systems like Control4, Savant and KNX are incredibly reliable, but that doesn’t mean you can just ignore it once it has been installed and commissioned.

Software and firmware are constantly being improved by manufacturers including, most importantly, security fixes as potential vulnerabilities are discovered and patches issued that will prevent a device or control system from being compromised. Many devices, in particular televisions, automatically update their software from time-to-time which can cause incompatibility issues with a smart home control system. To avoid any unexpected consequences, control systems do not automatically update their software. A routine service call keeps your system running reliably as originally designed and specified without any downtime.

Indeed, new or enhanced features can often be made available, or performance improvements made—without the need to upgrade any equipment.

Guaranteed Response Time

Whilst Murphy’s Law states “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”, that shouldn’t apply to a well-designed and installed smart home system. At Modal AV, reliability and robustness are core considerations of the equipment we specify and install.

However Murphy will have a hand in ensuring that on those very rare occasions when something does fail, it’s at an important time. If you have a Modal AV support contract, then you will get priority over our service engineer’s time—hopefully with a remote solution or, when that isn’t possible, we will be onsite within a guaranteed timeframe to resolve the issue.

Modal AV on-site service visit
Modal AV engineer Billy Hilton reviews smart home system programming

Model AV Maintenance Contracts

Having a support contract from Modal AV is more than just an annual system check and firmware update of key system components. We can also introduce remote monitoring of your system so we know if a device has crashed or dropped off your network, often before you do. With remote support we can usually reboot a device and resolve issues without the inconvenience of having to make a site visit.

Clients that take out a support contract also receive updates from us on new products or services that are available for the home automation and control system they have installed. We even offer discounted upgrade options so you can have the latest technology cost-effectively installed.

And our maintenance plans aren’t exclusive to systems that have been installed by Modal AV. We have vast experience of taking on the support of smart home systems completed by others (subject to an initial audit and system/infrastructure check).

Contact Modal AV to discuss which of our maintenance plans best suits your needs.

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